Chandra Gems has always been the benchmark of excellence in the Colour Gem Stones . Inspired by the Legacy, we stand true to the values of Trust , Quality and Craftsmanship that we inheritate

Chandra Gems brings you the finest range of Natural Color Gemstones, We are well recognized for quality manufacturing and professionally sorted color gemstones with numerous choice in terms of colour , clarity and range for Astrological and jewelry needs to the world market .

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About us

Chandra Gems is a renowned company in Colour Stones manufacturing . With a humble beginning in early 1940’s in the Pink City of Jaipur , We have a long and distinguished history of excellence in the colour stone industry.

The Great Visionary our Grand Father Shri Padam Chand Ji Kastiya was amongst the first one to introduce Emerald gemstone business in foreign countries . Inspired by his Legacy we stand true to the Values of Trust , Quality and Excilence that we have inhereted. Our most valuable asset is our relationship with the coustomers

We are well recognized for Quality manufacturing and professionaly sorted colour gemstones with numerous choice in terms of Colour , Clarity and Range for Astrological and Jewelry needs to the word market .

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